MASSERIA CUTURI ("cuturi", from the dialect, cultivations) is located in Salento area that more than a territory, is a state of mind. Closed between the two seas (Ionian and Adriatic), the Salento peninsula is a wonderful linguistic and geographical "unicum". Here, the Mother Nature was truly a benevolent mother: luxuriant coasts, golden and free beaches with stretches up to 18 km long, along the coast that crosses San Pietro in Bevagna (5 minutes by car from the Masseria). And yet, Mediterranean scrub everywhere, beautiful protected areas (such as the nearby Salina dei Monaci and its pink flamingos), our agricultural landscape, with large olive groves and extensive vineyard plots, the pride of the entire region and, not least, Cuturi Wood, one of the most well-kept in Puglia. You can’t miss the visit to our cities with historical and architectural beauty like Lecce, but also jewels like Ostuni (White Town), Ceglie Messapica, Martina Franca, Manduria, Oria and Mesagne, just to name a few. Visiting Salento means going back there. And often ... stay there.

Spiaggia (San Pietro in Bevagna) Macchia Mediterranea Torre Saracena (Torre Columena) Manduria (Centro Storico) Litorane Salentina (passeggiata) Centro Storico (Cisternino)