This story is like an old album of memories, a dense album of tales told in the books of the past. In 1881 Tommaso Schiavoni Tafuri, a wealthy landowner from Manduria, a prosperous Apulian town in Salento, married the Countess Sabini di Altamura. The noblewoman brought her dowry - the ‘barbatelle’ of Primitivo (the ‘barbatella’ is a grafted vine cutting, subject to particular processing that stimulates the emission of roots, giving it its so-called beard, hence the term ‘barbatella’), which were planted in "Cuturi", one of Schiavoni’s landholdings, in the fertile Conca D'Oro. Here the first Primitivo trees were born, whose wine was higher in alcohol content and more full-bodied than other Apulian wines, truly nectar of the Gods. The company prospered with the sale of this vine in the nineteenth century. Now Paolo and Lorenza, with love, tenacity and determination, have reopened that old album of memories to write, together with their sons Carlo and Camilla, a new chapter that retains all the charm of ancient stories and places.

Cuturi is today, as then, a natural treasure saturated with the aromas of its Mediterranean nature. It covers roughly 280 hectares, 3 km from the wild and pristine beaches of the Ionian Sea, in the Alto Salento, right on the border of the three provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce.

And as a treasure chest, it holds priceless riches: archaeological finds from the ancient Messapian civilization; the Bosco Cuturi and Rosamarina (which takes its name from rosemary, an aromatic herb that abounds here), which were part of the great Oritana forest, property of Frederick II of Swabia; the Monte dei Diavoli, a small promontory overlooking the estate; a farm of the 1600’s, surrounded by 10 kilometers of dry stone walls and five “trulli”.

Set in a world of uncontaminated nature, it is a place where past and present coexist, immersed in the scents and the silence, in the products of the earth, and in total well-being.