Because the joy of waking up in the Masseria brings good luck, and there is no better way to start your married life.
after sharing the emotions of the night before, under the starry sky seen from the candle-lit terraces, you are surrounded by extraordinary beauty.
Because the wedding day begins with the power of nature that surrounds the Masseria, and a breakfast filled with loving aromas and ancient traditions.
Because the day proceeds to the rhythm of the countryside and by the magical light of the land of Puglia, until the moment of your I DO!​​​​​​​
Because the exchange of your rings in the historic country church from the 1600’s (link) takes on the symbolic meaning of eternity.​​​​​​​
Because after the party, designed and enjoyed the very way you imagined, your adventure begins with the night in the fairy-tale ‘trullo’ (link), immersed in the baroque and serene air of olive trees, knowing you are exactly where you always wanted to be.​​​​​​​

Because our suggestions leave room for all your imagination to design an exclusive event that will remain in your hearts and of all the people who have lived it by your side.



Il “Casolare” is a structure of 200 square meters. Completely restored with barrel vaults and surrounded by a forest of oaks and mastic trees, closed by a dry-stone wall dating back to 1800. In the same area, an ancient water cistern dating back to the 1200s was discovered during the renovation work. The panoramic terrace opens up a unique view of the Masseria, the forest, olive groves and the sea. The structure is equipped with bathrooms and kitchen.


The Masseria Cuturi has an extension of 80 hectares of olive groves with trees that bear witness to all their antiquity through the knots and weaves of the majestic trunks. The branches full of fruit promises and the fertility of the land that welcomes them are a good omen for the beginning of every new adventure and every new challenge.


The rows of grapes run for 35 hectares. This is where the Primitivo di Manduria was born thanks to the first rooted vine brought as a dowry by the Countess Sabini of Altamura for her marriage to Don Tommaso Schiavoni in 1881.

And among the vines and avenues of prickly pears with its colorful fruits we imagine your table with the people you love and who will celebrate with you one day, which, also thanks to this nature, will be forever imprinted in the hearts of all .

The Apulian tradition completes it with the sounds of accordions, the rhythm of the tambourines, the enchantment and sensuality of the Salento pizzica. But the scenery can also become a soft and fragrant dance floor for cutting-edge rock scenarios.

Tranquility of the countryside, joyful atmosphere and continuous surprises in the magical places of the Masseria.


CUTURI FOREST covers 35 hectares and is currently included in the protected Nature Reserves of the Ionian coast of Salento. It is a place rich in history and wonder, populated by centuries-old holm oaks and scents of Mediterranean scrub. In addition to uncontaminated nature, traces of the history of the Messapians emerge and the taste of ancient and precious is the leitmotif of this unique place. We imagine the wedding with a bucolic atmosphere and ancestral scenery enhanced by the natural setting of the beauty of nature. And even in this case the real luxury will be simplicity.

Rural Church
Within the Masseria is a small and precious rural church in which there are frescoes by Gaetano Bianchi, a Campanian painter from the 1600’s who moved to Manduria. He had 4 children who followed in his father's footsteps, producing frescoes in the churches of Manduria (the Cathedral and Church of the Piarists). In the church of the Cuturi there are 2 superimposed frescoes: one dating back to 1691 and the other to the middle of the 1700’s.


The Night in the Trullo
After your wedding celebrations, Masseria Cuturi has a surprise for you: spending the wedding night in a "pajara", fully renovated with all modern comforts. The pajare are ancient ‘trulli’ in the shape of a truncated cone, typical rural buildings found in the Salento region. In the past, entire families spent summertime in the pajare, refreshed from the heat of the countryside and on hand to "guard" the fields of vegetables and watermelons. They spent warm summer evenings together, just outside the pajara, by the light of the candles and the moon, and told stories, recounted anecdotes, and the grandparents invented fairy tales to encourage the children to be good. The pajare roofs were perfect for drying figs collected early in the morning.